Advancing Forward

1 03 2012

advance4aIn just a few short days, we will be launching a new campaign called ‘Advance’.  This campaign is all about moving forward as followers of Christ, both individually and as a Church. 

The key word here is “moving”.

In Matthew 4:19, Jesus said three words that have radical implications for our lives.  Come.  Follow.  Me.

Come. – To come means you have to leave where you are.  It means you have to let go of everything that you are presently engaged in, everything you are presently holding on too, everything you are presently pursuing.  It means YOU have to move.  You cannot “come” to Jesus without moving from where you are.

Follow.  Jesus didn’t say come to me and we’ll hang out… or come to me and take a seat.  He said “Come” and “Follow”.  The word “Follow” implies action… movement.  Once you come, your next step is movement oriented as well.  Following Jesus is not a sedentary or stationary thing, it requires movement.

Me.  Coming to Jesus and following Jesus requires that we have our eyes on Jesus.  If your pursuit is Christ, you can’t have your eyes on yourself, someone else or something else.  You must focus on Him.  To come to Him and to follow Him, you must have your eye’s on Him.  He must be the intentional focus of our pursuit.

Christ’s invitation to you isn’t complicated, but it does require you to move.  You have to come to Him, you have to follow Him, and you have to look to Him.  This campaign will challenge you to move… to take your next steps with Christ. 

We all have steps forward that we need to take.  It is my prayer that during the weeks ahead, you and I will be willing and able to take those next steps toward Christ, so that we all might experience the promise of God when He invited us to “Come, follow me”.   

It’s time to move.  It’s time to ADVANCE!