5 Things About Last Night

30 04 2012

(Warning… Excessive use of CAPITALS and Exclamation Points!!!!!!)

Wow… Where do I start.  What an absolutely INCREDIBLE evening!  God moved in such an awesome way, I am still a little overwhelmed, even this morning.  This week couldn’t have started out any better.

Tonight, Pastor Bob Johnson from Great Falls Christian Center will be bringing the Word to us.  I am giddy with excitement for what God is going to do through him!  (now try to get the image of a giddy Pastor Cory out of your head!!!)  I hope you are too!

Here are 5 things that I wanted to share about last night…

  1. What An Amazing Crowd! – I can’t tell you how awesome it was to look out from the stage and see a full auditorium of excited and passionate worshipers.  There’s a little saying that says, “You know who loves the Pastor by who shows up on Sunday Morning, but you know who loves the Lord by who shows up on Sunday Night!”  It is obvious that we have a church that LOVES THE LORD!!!
  2. Invite! Invite! Invite! – I know that these IGNITE services are very much focused on Igniting us as a Church, but God can use these services to Ignite people our community as well.  Last night I watched as a young man, not yet a follower of Christ, walked to the front and began pouring his heart out before God.  These services are not just for us, but for those who need God.  Don’t be afraid to invite a family member, friend, or co-worker to join you tonight!
  3. THANK YOU! – That was for our awesome group of volunteers that served so selflessly last night.  We couldn’t have done it without you!  I hope that you understand just how valuable your contributions were to the KINGDOM of God last night!
  4. We Are Just Getting Started! – After such an awesome night, isn’t it exciting to know that it was just the beginning of what God is going to do in us this week?  Every log we put on the fire is simply going to stoke the fire BIGGER and BRIGHTER!!!  Let’s get out the WOOD!
  5. We Are A Church of Destiny! – Who cares if we are a seemingly insignificant church, in a seemingly insignificant town, in a seemingly insignificant part of the country.  WE ARE A CHURCH OF DESTINY!  We have a heart after God’s and we will do whatever He asks us to do!  We will make an impact for Christ in this WORLD!

Here are a few images from last night…





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