5 Things I’m Burning With from IGNITE Night #2

1 05 2012

How sweet have the last two nights been?  I can’t even begin to express the excitement I have in my heart at what we are seeing God do in our Church through these services.  People are coming… Lives are changing… Christ is being exalted!  We are witnessing an awesome move of GOD!

Here are a few things that are burning in me from Night #2 of our IGNITE services:

  1. Great Falls is blessed to have some INCREDIBLE Pastors! – Pastor Bob Johnson (Pastor at Great Falls Christian Center) was so good last night!  I loved his transparency, his humility, and his love for our people and our church.  He truly is a man who has heart for HIS (Christ’s) Church, not just the one he pastor’s.  We all got a taste of just how blessed we are, as a city, to have such Godly men as spiritual leaders in our midst.
  2. Can you say MORE PEOPLE? – Who would have thought that we would have a bigger crowd… ON A MONDAY NIGHT!  At our last Worship and Prayer night we had around 20 people, and last night we had over 200… can you say REVIVAL!  Makes a guy want to say… “GOLLY!”
  3. People Gettin’ Saved! – Can you believe that 10 people (possibly more), made decisions to follow Jesus last night… and it was a message on GIVING!  Ha ha!  Eat it satan!
  4. Giving is a Privilege – One of the points from last night that struck deeply with me is how much of a privilege it is to be able to participate in God’s work through giving.  I pray we all recognize that this is an incredible opportunity to be a part of God’s work in the world.
  5. What We Are Doing May Not Be For Us – The story Pastor Bob shared about how people would plant rows of trees years and years before the construction of a Cathedral so that at construction time, there would be timbers available for the project, simply blew me up.  Who knows… we might only be planting trees for those who will come behind us to build something beyond even our wildest imaginations.  If that is the case, I’m gonna plant as many trees as possible so that those who come behind us can have an abundance of resources to build away.  Whose with me?!

God is doing such awesome things in our Church.  I finally understand what they were saying when it says… “And everyone was filled with awe…” Acts 2:43    I AM IN AWE!

Tonight is Night 3 and our Speaker is Pastor Bryan Baker, Lead Pastor at Big Timber Evangelical Church and the founder of Montana On A Mission, a non-profit ministry involved in economic development and eduction in the Philippines as well as the US.  Plus… he’s a great friend and spectacular guy!

Here are a few images from our night last night!



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