5 Things I Am Burning With From IGNITE Night #4

3 05 2012

There is a sentence in our Church’s Defining Statement that says this…

“Our task is to position people in places where they can experience the transforming power of God.”

After four nights of IGNITE, it is clear that as we position ourselves to encounter God, His power is transforming lives.  We are experiencing TRANSFORMATION.

Here are 5 things I am burning with after our fourth night of IGNITE…

  1. Found People Find People – On Sunday Night, I watched as a broken young man walked to the front and poured out His heart before the Lord.  It was an awesome moment watching God working in a life.  But last night, I watched as that same young man led a friend down the isle to encounter God.  That is the HOPE OF THE GOSPEL!
  2. “I DON’T WANT THIS TO END!” – It is exciting to me to have heard this phrase from so many different people over the past day or two.  You know that God is moving when His people don’t want to leave His house!  I know this can’t last forever, but I am enjoying every minute of what God is doing!
  3. It’s NOT about my empire, but about His Kingdom – This was a such a great reminder to me about the “heartset” that I need to have in regards to my life.  If God really is God to me, then His Kingdom comes first… If my empire comes first, then God’s not God, I am.
  4. Different Speakers, Same God and Same Truth– Isn’t it interesting how different each of our speakers have been?  We have had four very different men come and share God’s truth with us, yet God has moved in amazing ways through each one.  It doesn’t matter who you are… God can use you if your surrendered and committed to Him.
  5. A Special Surprise For Pastor Gary Hart Tonight – I have a little something up my sleeve to make Pastor Gary feel right at home here at Harvest Springs.  You won’t want to miss it!

A few quick notes about the next few days…

  • Pastor Cory will be bringing an important closing message on Saturday Night, the final night of our IGNITE services.  “Coming Down Safely From a Mountain Top Experience” will be the subject of the evening.
  • Sunday Morning will be our “Commitment Sunday” and the culmination of our ADVANCE Campaign.  Please be in prayer about how God may be directing you in this effort.
  • Tonight is Pastor Gary Hart (Victory Church) and tomorrow night is Pastor Brian Hopkins from Journey Church in Bozeman.  Both are incredible men of God and dynamic, life-giving Pastors.  Be in prayer for them as they minister to us!

Here are some images from last night…



2 responses

3 05 2012

I also “don’t want this to end.” It’s been amazing!

3 05 2012
Michelle Froehle

I wasn’t able to attend last nights service, but felt so blessed to watch it via my phone! Thank you for that opportunity.

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