It Ain’t Over Yet

3 07 2013

In almost every great movie, there comes a point in the show where a person can start to fear that the story they are watching might not have a happy ending. Although we know that almost every movie ends well, it’s easy to get caught sometimes by that pivotal moment when all hope seems lost.

But, if you hang in there, you’ll find that in almost every story line the boy gets the girl, the hero overcomes the peril, the villain gets defeated, and everyone lives happily ever after. It’s why we keep watching… we desperately hold on to the hope of victory.

When Jesus was crucified, his disciples got caught by the trap of a tragic ending. For days they sat in sorrow convinced that the end of their story was one of heartbreak and defeat.  Some gave up.  Some threw in the towel.  Little did they know, however, that the death of Jesus was not the tragic end of the story, but the pivotal moment that turned the whole story around.

As some of you know, my Mom passed away early this morning. She had been in a battle with cancer for almost a year, and today, after many setbacks and difficulties, lots of pain and suffering, the battle finally ended. If you were to make the last few months of this journey into a movie, it would be easy to fear that at this point in the story, this is a tragedy… that somehow God had lost, cancer had won, and that pain, suffering, and death rule the day.

But this fact remains.  This is not the end of the story.

In fact, if you stop watching now, if you throw in the towel, you’ll miss the best parts of the movie that is unfolding before our very eyes. What might look like a defeat in death, is actually the moment of victory my Mom and our family had been waiting and praying for for almost 40 years. This is the turning point in the story.

My mom placed her faith and hope in Jesus almost 38 years ago. Why? Because Jesus promised to her, and to every person who would face the darkness of death, that if they would trust Him with their story, death would no longer be the end for them, but that He would add to their story a glorious and exhilarating new scene, and transform their story from a hopeless tragedy into an unending tale of victory and triumph.

And because of this, today is not a day of defeat or mourning for my Mom, or our family. Today is a day of rejoicing and expectation because we know that this is not the end of the story… not for my Mom, and not for us. Because of Jesus, we know how this movie ends… the best parts of this movie are still to come… and if you’ll hold on to hope, and keep on watching, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like the ending!

Anticipating Heaven more than EVER!




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3 07 2013

I cried as I read this, but you have put it into such perfect perspective. You and your family continue to be in my prayers.

3 07 2013
Janna Pyle

Well said, Cory.

4 07 2013
Collette Stinar

Well said.Prayers to you and all of your family.

4 07 2013

This is exactly how a Christian is taught to look at life and how you are all true followers of our almighty God. Cory you did an excellent job portraying your families beleifs and your mom is so proud of you, this we know. Our father in heaven is graced with your mother presence and will show you all the way through this celebration.

4 07 2013

Gonna miss her so much but know we will meet again in heaven. Glad she has been healed by God and is at peace. Keeping you all in my prayers. Love you Carol!!!

4 07 2013

Right on my friend! This is not the end of the story. We know that this is an eternal journey with so much to look forward to, that no eye has seen or no ear has heard what’s in store for the Saints. Your mom was one of the greatest of those Saints. I will miss her lots, and my heart is heavy for you all. But I know God has not forgotten us down here. No, on the contrary, He is ever present. His plan is greater than ours and someday, we’ll all celebrate together. Much love and prayers to you all, especially to my Pastor, Cory!

Joe A.

4 07 2013
Kevin Dean gillaspie

Sorry to hear of your loss! We can find such comfort knowing that she is with Jesus! But it is still hard to say goodbye for a while! Take care and if you need anything let us know. We will be home Sunday. Kevin and Tammy

On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 3:00 PM, HarvestInsider

4 07 2013
James and Joyce Moore

We are rejoicing in your mom’s victorious home-coming and praying for you and your family as you continue living and ministering without her. Thank you, Cory, for your beautifully expressed blog. May it bring even more people to Jesus..

5 07 2013
Patti Huhn

Our sympathies to your family, as we know you will miss your mom in the family gatherings and in the many moments ahead years from now.  It never goes away; we both know from experience.  But we can rejoice in meeting in heaven, and what a day of rejoicing that will be!  Our prayers will be with you and yours in the days ahead.    With His love, Patti and Bill Huhn


5 07 2013
steve strutz

Great perspective Cory…thanks for pointing us to the truths that are the anchor to our souls in times like these. We will miss your mom, we will be praying for you/dad/family and we will grieve with you and family but not like those without hope! Steve Strutz

26 09 2013
Andrea Porter

Pastor Cory, I have finally found your web-site after many fruitless attempts. I think of your Mom often and prayed for her often, as well, when I found out about her health issue. I have lost two very important people in my life to cancer. My dear friend Dawn in 2011 and now your Mom. Carol helped me so much both times we were stationed in Great Falls. I am sadden of the loss of her, but share in your belief that it ain’t over yet. I look forward to reuniting with her when that time arrives. Please give your Dad a big hug from me, he always was a huge help to me when I needed an ear to listen to my distress. I am still quite active in our new church, here in Pennsylvania. I facilitate a Tuesday Night Book Club, I meet with a great group of woman. I started working full time again and that has been a big adjustment, but I really like it a lot. Paige is a Senior in High School this year and looking at several colleges. Wyatt is a Sophomore, playing football and Lacrosse. He is officially taller than me, YIKES! Please pass on my hello’s to Tosha. Montana still calls to all of our hearts, I believe one day we will return; we just need to get the kids out of high school and off to college, help them launch into their next chapter of life. Sorry, I am rambling. Take care and God bless you and yours.

Andrea Porter

26 09 2013

Hello Cory, I have finally found your site after many fruitless attempts. I am so sorry for your loss, your Mom was awesome and such a help to me when I was a new attendee to Harvest Springs. I remember asking her if I could join the Breaking Free Bible study, even if I completed it before at the church we attended in Colorado. She said yes, and promptly asked me if I was willing to help. Of course I said yes and was so glad I did. Please give your Dad a big hug from me, he was always a huge help to me when I would have some type of crisis. I agree with your opinion of it ain’t over yet, so true and so much to look forward to when that day arrives. I will miss her, I used to call her after we moved back to Pennsylvania after Jake retired from the Air Force and always enjoyed our chats. Please say hello to Tosha for me. Paige will be graduating in 2014, looking at colleges. Wyatt is a sophomore, playing football and Lacrosse. He is officially taller than me, by a couple of inches, YIKES!! Jake enjoys his job as a Junior ROTC teacher at Pottstown High School. I am working full time and enjoying it, although it has been an adjustment, but not a bad one. The Porter Clan does miss Montana though, of all of the places we have lived, Montana is at the top of the list. I believe someday we will find ourselves living there again. Take care and God bless.

Warm Regards,
Andrea Porter

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