I Just Found 5 Minutes

10 03 2014

This morning, I was a few minutes early for a meeting and as I sat down, I remember thinking to myself…

“Well, I can’t really do anything profitable in the next five minutes, so I might as well check twitter…”

And as soon as I flipped open the phone, I knew that the Lord was asking me to give Him that five minutes… to quiet my soul and center myself on Him.

And do you know what I found?  That five minutes has shaped my entire morning.  I have a peace about a few things I was stressing over, I have a better pace in my soul after a busy morning, and I have a focus on the things on my plate that are priority. 

So if you run across a spare five minutes in your schedule, grab it and give it to God.  It’s the most productive thing you might do all day!



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