Monkey See, Monkey Do

10 03 2015

“Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.”  1 Corinthians 11:1

Would you believe that you could sum up the call of every disciple in the phrase “Monkey See, Monkey Do”?  As a disciple, we are never to be about doing our own thing, charting our own path, or making our own way.  Instead, we are to follow the example and the lead of Jesus in everything we do.  To do anything else would be to miss the whole idea of discipleship.

This is why many believers utilize the W.W.J.D. concept to help them navigate the journey of life.  They continually ask themselves, “What would Jesus do?”  When you’re cut off in traffic, what would Jesus do?  When your spouse is getting on your nerves, what would Jesus do?  When you are wrestling with how to prioritize your spending plan, what would Jesus do?  Once we begin to see the character of Christ in our everyday circumstances, the journey of discipleship begins to become clear.

Today, take a moment before every decision and every action and ask, “What would Jesus do?  or  “How would Jesus respond?”  You might find that your life begins to look a lot more like Jesus, and a lot less like you.



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10 03 2015

Good practicable one. Thanks

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