Following Instantly

12 03 2015

At once they left their nets and followed him.  Matthew 4:20

In Matthew 9:9, Jesus sees a man named Matthew sitting at the tax collector’s booth.  As He is walking by, he stops and says to Matthew, “Follow me”, and Matthew does something wildly radical… He instantly gets up and follows Jesus!  There was no delay, no hesitation, and no request for more time.  Matthew got up and left his booth and followed Jesus.

What was Matthew following Jesus for?  Matthew obviously had become convinced that the imprint of Jesus life upon his own was worth walking away from a lucrative government job as a tax collector.  He had to have the conviction that life following Jesus would be a radical upgrade from his present state.  He believed that it was worth leaving all to embrace the invitation to follow Jesus.

In order to be a disciple, one has to be willing to instantly let go of all, to experience the privilege of walking with Jesus.  Jesus offers us His teachings to learn from and a model to follow, and he offers these things because He loves us and wants our very best.  It is the confidence in this relationship that gives us the impetus to let go of things that matter little to connect with Christ, who matters most.

So, when Jesus invites us to follow, let it all go and follow.  His invitation is worth giving up all to accept.

by Jude Fernandes



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