The Road to Freedom

15 03 2015

“I have come they may have life, and have it to the full”  John 10:10

Many people read John 10:10 and think “there is absolutely nothing full about the life of a disciple.”  They can’t think of anything more dull than a life of following all the rules and being under authority.  They believe that the pathway to happiness is found in pursuing our every urge and desire.

Even those who follow Jesus can believe that the life that Christ offers is one of boredom and drudgery.  It can easily feel as if God is an eternal kill-joy that seemingly seeks to squash anything in life that might be fun or exciting.  Yet, a genuine disciple of Christ sees the instructions of God as a blessing, or a pathway, to the very best life.  A disciple is convinced that God is leading them to a life that we all desire, a longing that resides beneath the surface of selfish desires, and at the core of our soul.

The journey of discipleship is not about giving up freedom,  but about admitting that He knows the way to the best and fullest kind of life. Real freedom is found in letting go of control, and trusting the leadership of the Master.  There is no other road to real freedom than this.

by Tucker Hibbs



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