Hearing His Voice

18 03 2015

Jesus said, “My sheep shall know my voice… they will not follow another.”  John 10:27

In Bible days, shepherds didn’t drive their sheep, they led their sheep.  In the morning, when a shepherd was ready to head out to the fields for the day, he would go to the fold where many different flocks of sheep would be, and he would call his sheep out.  His sheep, knowing his voice would come to him, and follow him out into the field, and the shepherd would lead them to areas where they could eat and drink as needed.

The sheep were not born knowing the voice of the shepherd, it was learned.  The sheep learned to recognize his voice by being near the shepherd, following the shepherd and trusting the shepherds leadership and instruction.  In a very real way, they developed a relationship with the shepherd.

For you and I, we must learn to recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd as well.  We have to follow him out of the world, we have to spend time with Him, and we have to learn to trust his instructions and leadership in our life.  The more time you spend with Jesus, the more you will recognize His voice when he speaks.

If you want to start recognizing His voice in your own life, start by listening while you read the Bible.  The Life Journal is a powerful tool to help get you started in this endeavor.



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