A Selfish View of Community

31 03 2015

“A new command I give you, love one another.”  John 13:34

When a person attends a support group, they usually walk into the group with the understanding that they need the support that the group has to offer.  They come, looking for others to help them overcome their problems, whatever they might be.  In almost every case, a person comes with a very self-centered reason.  “I need help, and I need you to help me.”

But if a person keeps that mindset, they will never truly get the help that they need.  Why?  Because the most important need that person has is not to get others to help them, but rather to become a help for others.  This is the power of community.  It is people helping people.

Many people believe that groups within a Church are something for people who really need help.  They see community as being like a support group, but not really important for them unless their lives need some kind of support.  They see community from a self-oriented perspective.

But Community is not just about getting help from others… it’s about being in a context where we can help others.  The power of community is that if you’re doing great, you can come along side someone who’s not doing so well.  If you’re falling apart, you’re in a fellowship of believers that can help hold you together and carry you to Christ for healing.  Community is not about you… it’s about us…. it’s about others.



One response

31 03 2015

Man, this is a good one.
We all worked crazy hours, some times as many as 80 hours a week, and was not able to attend any home group meetings. So two and some times three of my friends and I at work got together at east every week at lunch to meet and read the bible, mostly we ended up talking about our walk and any concerns we had in our lives. We always would end our little meeting praying with each other. We went to diferent churches but we had developed a commond and tight bond. This litteraly went on a couple decades. There were times when things got really tough in my life and these guys were always there for me. Once in a while when one of our churches had a special men’s retreat or Saturday conference we would go together. I can`t tell you how important this little comunity was to all of us!

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