Empty Vessels Don’t Pour

31 03 2015

“So encourage one another and build each other up…”  1 Thessalonians 5:11

A disciple isn’t to be an empty vessel that needs others to come and “fill them”, but they are called to be a filled vessel that leaves a positive impact on the lives of those that are around them.  From the connection that they have with God, they are filled with life and purpose… and from that place of “fullness”, they are to pour into the lives of others.

If a disciple is empty, it becomes impossible to pour into the lives of others, for they have nothing to offer.  However, when a disciple is filled to overflowing, they can’t help but spill into others.  People are blessed and encouraged by simply being around them, because they have been blessed and encouraged by being with Jesus.  His life pours into us.  Our lives pour into others.

A disciple is to be a source of encouragement and edification to those with whom they come in contact.  They are to spill over in ways that leave people “lifted up” and “built up” in their faith.  This isn’t something that we should have to force, but something that flows naturally out of our connection with the Master.  Focus on your connection with Him, and your vessel will always be filled and able to overflow into the lives of others.



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