A Growing Community

4 04 2015

And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.”  Acts 2:47

In Acts 2, Luke lays out some of the things this community of believers did; things like learning from the teaching of the apostles, gathering together for fellowship, spending time in prayer, and doing life in such a way that they were taking care of each others needs.

Have you ever thought, why would someone who does not have the same faith I do, and who is not a follower of Christ, want to come to church or be a part of it ?  Often times we let that thought hinder us from inviting others into our community, into the body of Christ.  The reality though, is that this genuine Christ-centered community is exactly what people are looking for.

For the early church, as they lived out Christ-centered community and invited others into it we see the Lord adding to their number daily those being saved… do you think the same can be true today?  Instead of trying to influence people with the life they already have, what might happen if we welcomed them into what is actually missing from their life?

Who can you invite to experience the joy and the blessing of being a part of your Christ-centered community? Who can you welcome into your life, a life filled with the presence of Christ?

by Paul Hansen



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