Make Disciples

8 04 2015

“Therefore go and make disciples…”  Matthew 28:19

The call of Christ to every disciple is to go and make disciples.  This isn’t a call to get people to agree theologically, or to get people to come to church.  It is a call to help people make the life changing commitment to follow Jesus.

How did Jesus make disciples?  He connected with them relationally, He invited them into the fellowship, and He intentionally walked them to a place of maturity.  It is easy to think that evangelism is the process of getting people to believe, but the Bible never separates the concept of evangelism from the call of discipleship.  They are not two separate concepts.  You can’t have one without the other.

The relationships that we build with those who are in need of redemption is connected to this calling… the calling to make disciples.  It starts by coming alongside the lost and disconnected in order to help them connect to the Master who will lead them to salvation, but it doesn’t end there.  We continue this journey until they are mature in Christ and able to help others experience the same redemption that they have received.  Redemptive Relationships are simply the initial stages of helping people start the discipleship journey.



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