A Greater Blessing

13 04 2015

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  Acts 20:35

Whenever we receive gifts, we can feel as if we are blessed beyond measure.  However the Bible teaches that an even greater blessing comes to those who give.  When we have received a gift, we can feel the excitement and joy of receiving something that we have not earned, but when we give, there is an internal excitement and joy that can only be understood when experienced.

When a disciple chooses to give, they experience the greater blessing of seeing the lives of others enriched by their generosity.  They experience the greater blessing of walking in the character and nature of God.  They experience the greater blessing of God’s generosity flowing through them.  The greater blessing is to walk in the attitude of generosity.

Today, keep your eyes open for an opportunity to be generous into the lives of those around you.  When you allow God’s blessings to flow through you, pay attention to the internal reward that you experience.  It will be the Spirit of God welling up blessing within your soul.



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