27 04 2015

“Therefore go….”  Matthew 28:19

It is easy to stay where we are.  It requires little effort.  We are often comfortable.  We have agendas and plans and lives to live.  But to fulfill the great commission, we will have to leave our comfortable lives and step out into the world.  We will have to go.

To live the life of a disciple, you and I will have to understand that the fulfillment of that calling doesn’t just happen in our own isolated world, but rather it happens in both places that are near and places that are far away.  When Jesus says, “make disciples of all nations…” He is setting before His followers a mandate to see beyond our small circle of influence and to reach out into a world that may be far away, but is in great need of rescue.  We have not been called to stay… but rather, we have been sent.

“Therefore… Go.”



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