A Courageous Call

13 10 2011

Two Sundays ago, I stood in front of the Carmike 10 watching as hundreds of people streamed into the movie theater to watch the movie “Courageous”.  Because I had already seen the movie, and knew the powerful message that it contained, I was excited for what God was about to do in the hearts and lives of Men in our city.  It was an incredibly exciting moment.

Last Sunday, I stood in front of a record crowd at Harvest Springs, watching as men raised their hands for prayer, asking for God’s help in taking responsibility for their lives, their marriages, and their families.  Again, a wave of excitement swept through me, as I watched God move in a powerful way in the lives of people.

But no matter how exciting the past two Sundays have been, I am reminded of where the important, life changing work really happens.  It really happens at home.  It might get started in a movie or a church service, but the real work of “life change”  happens when you leave the building and walk back into your normal, everyday life.  That is where the true measure of your weekend commitment is ultimately measured out.

We all understand that you can’t just be a committed husband or father on Sunday, any more than you can be a committed follower of Christ for an hour or two each week.  God’s call for us is to radically change the way we are living life, everyday, and not just for a few hours here and there… and to do this, it will take courage and the power of the Holy Spirit!

I am as energized and excited about being “God’s Man” in my home as I have ever been.  I desperately desire to be His man everyday, not just on the Weekend, and I hope you do to.  Let us together, come to him today, and beg Him for the power, the strength, and the courage to live out “Christ” in every place, in every way, every day.  Our families are depending upon it.