5 Things I’m Burning With From IGNITE Night #6

5 05 2012

Wow… What was I thinking trying to follow up Pastor Brian Hopkins tonight?  What a fantastic message.  I don’t even know where to start… but… here are the 5 things I am burning with from IGNITE Night #6…

  1. I’m Tired… But Inspired – I kinda feel like I have just had a hard workout and I am totally feeling it.. but in a good way.  Know what I mean?  I wish I could unpack everything that God has done in my heart through this whole week, but it would take more than a few minutes.  I know that God has grown me… and our Church.  I might be tired, but I’m stronger because of it all.  I hope you are too.
  2. Pray for Pastor Brian – As he was leaving to drive back to Bozeman last night, Brian shared that he was starting an 8 week series on Romans.  He’ll be preaching the first message tonight, so if you don’t mind, would you take a moment and ask that God’s hand would be upon him in it.
  3. So Thankful For Our Volunteers – Our services have been so amazing, and one of the reasons is because so many volunteers have been willing to serve behind the scenes so that others might encounter Christ!  The maturity of their lives overwhelms me.  I am humbled to be able to serve together with them.
  4. Saying “Yes” At The Crossroads –  This is a crossroads moment for our Church and I am praying that we, as individuals and as a body, will not walk away from this moment with “sadness”.  May we courageously and selflessly say “Yes” to His invitation.  The cost of saying “No” is just too high!
  5. One More Night – Tonight will be the finale of an amazing week.  God has done such incredible things, but we must understand the “WHY” behind it all.  He has a purpose behind everything that He has done this week, and now it’s time to move from Mountain Top to Valley… from Preparation to Perspiration.  We’ve got a job to do.